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10 ways to have a better conversation

Executive Article Summary

For me, this podcast captures some of the best listening content on the web and worth the 12-minute time investment.

Better listening equates to higher rates of productivity.
Summary Points from the Ted Talk:

(1) Don’t multitask – be present in that moment. Don’t be half in and half out.
(2) Don’t pontificate – enter conversation assuming you have something to learn.
(3) Use open ended questions – who what where when why how.
(4) Go with the flow – thoughts come into your mind and then let them go out of your mind.
(5) If you don’t know say that you do not know – Error on side of caution.
(6) Don’t equate your experience with theirs – All experiences are individual and it is not about you.
(7) Try not to repeat yourself – It is condescending and boring.
(8) Stay out of the weeds – No one cares about the years and date. They care about you. Forget the details.
(9) LISTEN.  The most important skill you can learn.
(10) Be brief – Be interested in other people

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